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Whether you, a friend or a loved one are facing misdemeanor charges for anything ranging from simple drug possession to assault and battery or criminal threats to the more serious and violent felony cases involving a "strike" under the California "3 strikes" law, Attorney Blanchard has successfully defended clients charged with all types of criminal offenses.


Personal injury.  While Attorney Blanchard handles mostly plaintiff's personal injury, in other words, the victim, including automobile accidents, slip and falls and product liability cases, he has also successfully defended a number of personal injury cases as well; not cases where he is paid by the insurance company to defend the matter, but where the client has been sued and did not have insurance.

Contract litigation.  Whether you need to have a contract reviewed, are being sued over a breach of contract, or want to sue someone for a breach of contract, attorney Blanchard has successfully represented clients as both plaintiffs and defendants in contract actions.

Family law.  While family law is not the main focus of attorney Blanchard's practice, he has represented both husbands and wives in family law matters ranging from delinquent child support, custody battles and property disputes.

General civil litigation.  Commonly referred to as "door law" (in other words, anything that walks through the door), attorney Blanchard has handled a number of legal actions that do not fall into neatly defined actions but rather fall into multiple categories.  If you have a legal question, and attorney Blanchard can't answer it, he will do his best to refer you to someone who can.


Regardless of your legal needs, attorney Blanchard will gladly meet with you to discuss your situation at no cost to you.  Attorney Blanchard only asks that if your case involves any type of paperwork, regardless of how trivial it may seem, please make sure that you bring it to your meeting with attorney Blanchard so that he can examine it so that he can better understand you situation and be better equipped to give you sound legal advice.

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CRIMINAL DEFENSE - Domestic violence, Drug offenses, DUIs, Assault and battery, Robbery, Burglary, Gang charges, Three strikes, Attempted murder, Murder PERSONAL INJURY - automobile accidents, slip and falls, wrongful death FAMILY LAW - divorce, child custody and visitation, support matters
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